SSD Dashboard on Mac OS X

Hi SanDisk Team,

will there be a version of SSD Dashboard for Mac OS X too?

Or is there an other option for doing a firmware upgrade of my SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD on a Mac?

Thanks, Harald

SanDisk has never had software for Mac so I doubt there would be anything soon if ever. 

The Extreme Pro SSD was just released. There is no FW update available for it yet, what it ships with is the latest. If a FW update is released in the future it will be posted here an on their knowledgebase. For other SSD they provide a ISO image you can burn to a CD to update. 

Thanks for your quick answer. If I understand it right I could use this Update-CD created with the ISO image on my Mac too?


is there any support applications from Sandisk SSD for mac user?.


well wish I had known that before buying 2 of these drives for my macs… i’ve already discovered that force enabling TRIM makes the drives go haywire, as does trying to use macs filevault encryption. I guess I’ll just reformat every month or two since I can’t TRIM. Why no support for MAC? I expect more out of Western Digital…a lot more. I used to give endless praise, but with the pieces of junk called My Cloud that STILL don’t work right and now zero mac support for their SSD linup?  (sigh) I never thought I’d see the day that I’d buy a Seagate ever again…