song plays on laptop, loaded onto player, but won't play on device

there are about 80 of the 480 sogns that i synched to my clip that will not play whatsoever.  they play fine on my laptop and win med 11 says that they are on the device.  what the hell is going on and can anyone tell my why Back in Black will not play while Thunderstruck(from the same cd that i OWN) has no problem?!?

Well first off… What format? Second check you id3tags, if Back in Black’s tag has an unusual character then it might not play.

i use wma’s and what is ID3 tag editor?

go to your library in WMP, and then right clcik on a Track that doesnt work, then go down to Advanced Tag Editor, Then make sure you dont have any characters you dont need.

ok, i did as you said and i compared a tag of a song that doesn’t play with a tag of one that does form the same album and they are almost identical.  what do i do next?  i’v never hade this happen with any other sansa player i bought in the past.

Try Reripping the files as MP3.

that seems to be the trick.  it’s gonna be a long day.

I use MP3 and wma interchangeably.  Sometimes, I rip in the wrong format if I don’t recheck the settings in WiMP 11.  Windows Media Player should tag the files with the correct format, but it’s possible that the database lookup online may have inserted some garbage characters.

In the future, you can try MP3Tag, a free application,that allows you to easily edit and save the results in the correct format.  WiMP’s Advanced Tag Editor can’t always help if the character set is wrong, as in Unicode or UTF, but MP3Tag can be set to always “write” in ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (latin-1).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: