SMD & osX Yosemite

Since updating to Yoesmite on my iMac, I can’t make a USB connection to my SMD.  Is there a fix or an alternative way of loading music/videos to SMD?

Same problem here !!

I have Yosemite and my WMD is showing up no normally. Go to Finder > Preferences and make sure External drives is checked. 

Has anyone been able to resolve this issue? 

This seems to still be issue and would of thought more people would have noticed. 

The SMD, connects to a known good computer running Mac OSX 10.9 without issue, drive mounts and can add data. When the drive is connected to a Machine Running Mac OSX 10.10.1 The drive is not seen in the OS. Disk Utility doesnt recognise a drive attahced or mounted. Other HDD and Memory sticks/cards are all seen by the machine without issue.

Please Help SanDisk!!


It seems the Sandisk is quite sensitive to the USB cable you use. 

I have a Macbook, and it did not connect. However, upon changing USB cable, it started to work fine again.