Slow scrolling on Clip

The ‘sideways’ scrolling of a long song title is painfully slow on the Clip.  I mean agonizingly slow.  It takes 15-seconds to scroll a long title across the screen from right to left.  15 seconds is a looooong time when you’re trying to locate a song.  Is there any way to speed this up?  A lot? I would think something more like three to five seconds would do the job.  Fifteen seconds is a long time to take my eyes off the road…  ;>)

If you like classical music, you should see how long some titles take to completely scroll.

While driving, I’d recommend letting the music roll on by, or build playlists of your favorite songs.  This way, you can keep your attention on the road about you.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

At one point, I believe that SanDisk was looking into this option.  If I recall correctly, the explanation for the slower scroll was (battery savings–or was it memory limitations?).

It was, as you recalled correctly, a combination of the two.  The Clip scrolls the display, rewriting the output screen data, while concurrently decoding, reading from memory, and amplifying the output.

Speeding up the scroll upped power consumption, and reduced the hours available for playback.

Bob  :wink:

Thanks.  I follow all of that, and just agree with the OP’s line of thought–an option for a faster scroll would be nice to have.  I, too, find the current scrollspeed painful.

Have they fixed this in the Clip+ ???



It in fact is faster in the Clip+ (I think it could be faster still, or adjustable).