SecureAccess 3.0 - How to extract a .pst file?

Hi there, I apologize for the basic question but here it is: I vaulted an old Outlook .pst file into SecureAccess 3.0 vault on a SanDisk USB stick.  In order to access the file i must copy it to my Windows 10 Pro desktop.  When I click on File -> Save Files to… and save it to a directory, the resulting file copied shows 0 bytes and is unuseable.  

How can i extract a specific file from the vault and get it back to my local hard drive, unencrypted?

thanks in advance for any guidance.

Do you have a File -> Copy option?  You’re doing these commands in SecureAccess right?  Not Outlook?

This has happened to me as well…I have tried to copy past from the usb, save to folder from the usb, etc. and it goes from 3 kbs on the usb, to 0 on the computer…how do I open the pst file???

I am having this same issue, was there a solution found for extracting the .pst file?

.pst files are part of Secure Access and are opened by Secure Access on the USB drive.  Copying them to the hard drive is not an option.  Once opened by Secure Access the file in Secure Access can be extracted to the hard drive or any place else you like.