sdsk 4gb SDHC 15MB/s corrupted

I own a 4gb sdhc sd card and I’ve used it several times with a canon camera of mine. Suddenly, after downloading pics and video and remove it from the mac slot and put it back into the camera slot something might have happened cause it can now store only a single picture. I mean, it was woorkin very well and now it stores only a single pic and the camera says memory card is full.

Would anyone please give me a hand with that?

Thanks in advance. 

Did you delete any of  your files using Mac? You need to empty the trashbin to erase them fully on the card. If not then mostly likely that your card is corrupted. Backup your data and format it using your camera.

Put the card back to your MAC and empty out your trash :wink:


i’ll tell my buddy to do this. And if it works I’m gonna bow!