sdhc to dvr

I am transferring my slides, negatives and photos to an SDHC memory card, and want to then transfer to a dvd that can be viewed on a tv through my dvd player??  I have asked a couple of businesses about this and they have only the dvd disc for storage, but said I could play on the tv if I had the card transfer to the cdr.  then I would have to have a dvd/cdr player to play to my tv.  I need to know if there is a unit that can transfer from my sdhc directly to a dvd for tv viewing

Viewing your photos via the home DVD player is a simple task, especially if you understand the intricacies of just what you’re watching when that DVD spins.  Essentially, you are viewing a stream of 30 photos per second as a stream of jpeg images.

I’m in a Bing mood this morning, check out this page.  Of particular interest is near the top, look at DVD Album Creator Download for example.  You can add subtitles, taking advantage of this feature of the DVD format.

This reminds me of the Optical Data Corporation Laserdiscs that I have of the Apollo mission photos.  Yes, NTSC analog format, CAV discs with thousands of really cool high resolution photos, published from NASA archives, before online sources existed.  Hey, while I’m on the subject of archived photos, our friends at NASA really pulled a mind-numbingly stupid stunt, actually losing the original blueprints for the Saturn-V rocket.  These documents are a national treasure, missing in some warehouse reminiscent of the Raiders Of The Lost Ark scene where an anonymous warehouse is seen.

You can build a DVD with a slideshow, where the images roll through in sequence, or as individual images that can be accessed via the DVD remote control.  Just which format you choose will depend upon personal preferences and the capabilities of your player.

It’s all in the software.  You can indeed save your photos for viewing on the telly, no special equipment required.

Well, not quite.  Roxio eveb makes a cool USB device, I see, that ports the video out from a USB dongle to the familiar connections, three RCA type jacks for video and audio, and what appears to be an s-video connector too.  With this, you could simply run the slideshow on the PC, and feed it into your DVR, simple and just about as meat-and-potatoes a method as I saw years ago, Russian T34 tanks used as an improvised tractor, hoisting refinery cracking towers into position.  Hey man, the Russians got 'er done, I guess.  The engineers here still cringe at the sight, such precision equipment being jostled like Lincoln Logs.

Have fun building your photo DVD collection!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: