Purchased a new card for my camera and upon installing get a message that the card needs to be formatted. It has been a while since I have done this and am drawing a blank any help with what needs to be done.  When I turn the camera on I get the message that says “Memory card requires formatting”  below it are two options 1. Continue  2. Cancel I selected continue and the message changes to "formatting will delete everything. Continue or cancel.  Chose continue and formatting appears on screen for about 5 seconds.  Message returns to memory card needs formatting. That is where I am at now help anyone?  :slight_smile:

Had same problem on Kodak  z7590. Turns out that the ads were wrong and the camera could not use that card. Doesn’t accept HD type cards nor anything over 2GB. Check to see whether your camera is compaible. SanDisk may have a look up for camera and card compatibility.