SD Card showing weird sizes.

I bought a 32 GB MicroSD Card and it shows different sizes on my devices, my computer and high-end Android phone shows my SD Card to have 29.7 GB of max. capacity, while my low-end phone shows 31.9 GB of max. capacity instead, is this normal?


I’m no expert, but I always knew that Windows machines at least, calculate storage differently than what most people think. When storage manufacturers advertize capacities, they work in incrementals of 10, so 1gb=1000mb etc. However due to how PC infrastructure operates, as far as the system is concerned 1gb = 1024mb, therefore it already “eats” from your next gb for the listing. And mind you this works all the way down, so 1mb = 1024kb etc, so you are not just losing 24mb per gb, but 24kb per mb etc.

The more storage you have the more you “lose”, but that’s just for the listing. I can only assume that newer SOC from high end phones, and/or newer versions of Android apply the same rule, while older version of this Linux based system show the true capacity.

But don’t take my word for it, search the web.