Screen's refresh rate is weird

I recently bought myself a new Clip+ and it’s really cool, but I noticed right away that the display looks a bit… odd. The pixels are sharp and nothing seems to be defective, but… something is off. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I’m quite sure the screen has a low refresh rate. This is rather visible when the player is in motion (in higher fequencies the display should move as a solid piece, but in lower fequencies, like with this player, it looks squiggly and/or distorted).

Could someone confirm that or something, so I know it’s not a problem with my eyes? 

I know what you mean.

It’s kind of like looking at LED holiday lights.

I’ve had several Clips since they were introduced and they are all like this.

Mine certainly isn’t like this (I have 2), nor have I heard (or more accurately, seen) anyone else here complain of this.

I’d like to see some more responses to the subject, due to the opposite comments posted so far.

I found the following through Google:

“The refresh rate of the Clip+ screen is very low, and people sensitive to it (including myself) can see flicker.”

Also, does anyone have a place to look into the more specified specs and check the screen’s refresh rate? Help this thread greatly.