scandisk SDXC UHS-I wont detect

I ve just purchased a Scandisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I 64gb card.
It wont detect in any device I have. Ive tried in my laptop slot (using SD adaptor ) and tried in android phone still cant detect it. Could I have a faulty card. Its brand new, as all devices wont recognise it , it is strange,
Ive another smaller card for test and it works in all the devices. Could I have purchased the incorrect card.
This one has a picture of a camera on the scandisk cover so it looks like it maybe my error.
Advice appreciated.

I would suggest troubleshooting the ‘SD card not detected’ issue by first checking the hardware connections such as the card reader, USB cable, etc.
If the hardware connections are functioning properly, then move to software or system-related fixes such as reboot, driver update, assigning drive letter, formatting, and others. Check out this article to fix the card not detecting issue.

Wipe both the card and the adapter with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that might be hampering the contact. And, if the hardware connections are functioning properly, then go to software or system related fixes such as reboot, drivers update, assigning drive letter, formatting and others.
I think the problem could be with your external card reader. Even the built-in card reader in laptop or desktop PCs need repair sometimes. Refer to this article for more answers.