Sansa FUZE request


I applaud Sandisk for the recent changes to

firmware of my Fuze.   It shows that Sandisk

is aware of  what customer’s needs are and

willing to keep it’s customers satisfied.


Here are a couple of small requests.  One is

Specifically for the Fuze, the other one is a

general request – perhaps for the “Fuze2”

  1. Alarm function.   I have a Cowon G3 that is over 3 years old

that has this function.  It also has the “sleep” function recently

added to the Fuze.   I am able to select Alarm: on/off, then

either radio or music, then wake time- and how long the device

will play, and also a one-time alarm or every day.  THIS WORKS

GREAT – and one of my favorite features of this great little player.

This should not be difficult at all to implement.  At most only a

few hours programming to the next firmware release.

  1. User replaceable battery - It would be greatly beneficial to be able to

      have a user replaceable battery.   What are my reasonable options

      now when the internal battery fails?   Either send it in – or throw it

      away and into the landfills.


Implementation:   Use an integrated battery something similar

to the way batteries are added to notebook computers.   a very

small battery simply snaps onto the back of the player and completes

the case of the player.  When a battery is dead, it would be a 15

second procedure to remove one battery and replace it with another one.  

Surely this would not add all that much to the size or weight if done in

this manner.




OK, while I’m asking –

            how about playing standard FLV’s from YouTube

            wifi access to intenet Radio

            ability to record to external SD card

            ability to read .pdf files

            ability to edit the file name — would be nice after a voice recording

            a calendar with sync ability and contact list (names,numbers)


I have a request for whoever runs this forum.

How about moving the FEATURE REQUEST forum to the top of the list. Apparently no one sees it at the bottom.