sansa fuze package = update??

hiya, does anyone know what the package of the latest sansa fuze version looks like? i just bought one (8gb black), but i think i got an old version…mine came in a black box with 4 small red circles (showing features of fm radio, video, battery and audiobook), only the mp4 player is visable through the box. i’ve recently seen two other packages - one all plastic, colourful and see-through and the other - a black box with a picture of the device (and a blue circle surronding the picture). i’ve not yet opened my player. in the past i bought the sansa e260 and after a while realized that i had recived an older version with a lot of bugs (that had been fixed in the new versions). i wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again. should i change my player? thanks kim

You were upset that you got the e200v1?  Most people went through a lot of trouble to avoid getting the newer one.

The only “bug fixes” I’m aware of are the firmware updates, and you don’t need newer hardware for those.

There seems to be a lot less mystery white screen problems with the V1 models. Personally I would not want a V2.

what packaging does the ver1 come in?

thanks for your help!

The V1 came in the black box with the blue circle like you mention. Some of the first released V2s may have also came in that package. So that package is no sure thing you will get a V1. The other packages you mention are most likely all V2s.