sansa e260 v2

My player won’t show connected when I try to sync music from my library I have had it for two years , no problems .Then all of a sudden it won’t show that it is connected, My pc won’t show the device under my computer. I have tried front and back usb ports anddddddddd I had a brand new sandisk plug .just opened that I tried and nothing has happened thus far… do I need to just buy an Ipod or what ? I love my player and sandisk wont chat live with you I guess because my device falls under a the legacy products … I’m frustated ,mad ,discouraged and fed up …somebody help me PLEASE !

Have you tried switching the USB mode?

Btw, it’s more helpful (and you’re likely to get more responses) if you add a more descriptive Subject title to your posts. Think of it as a ‘headline’ to a newspaper or magazine article; a preview if you will. :wink:

If your other Sansa is a Fuze or a View, it does use a 30 pin cable as well. Try using it.

Hey, no worries, I think of myself as a “legacy device” as well.  The forums are where the old dogs hang out anyway.  There’s a wealth of information here, more descriptive than you may get via chat.

It’s just a little slower, of course.

I agree that checking your USB mode may be the hot ticket.  Verify that your machine is indeed a V2 by cycling the power.  Look at the splash screen: if you see a blue sansa logo below the SanDisk logo, you have a V2.

If not, you can check the connection by using Recovery Mode.  In this mode, the device will show up as 16MB FORMAT when viewed in Windows Explorer.  This will verify that the cable and the USB controller of the device are OK.

Remember!  DO NOT attempt formatting the device when connected in this mode, simply disconnect, sliide the HOLD switch back to off, and try connecting again in normal mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: