Sansa Clip+ with Sandisk Micro SDHC

Hi, i want to buy Sansa Clip+ and Micro SDHC 32GB class 10 card (specifically Sandisk MicroSDHC Ultra Card 32GB Class 10).

Can someone confirm compatibility of these things or give me advice about card i should buy 32GB class10 because I read here Sansa Clip+ have issues with class 10 cards. 

I would not advise a Class 10 card. Yes, some people have had problems using them with the Clip+ and Zip. A Class 4 would be a better choice.

 just bought hat card this week and it is working fine for me…so far.

The player is the Clip Zip. I have not yet tried it in my Clip +.

Great to hear–thanks for the update!

Nice to see that. Gives me and the other users some confidence about going with this product!