sandisksecure vault is stupiddd!!!!

Sandisksecure vault are wasting my time. Create user and login successfully… then I work my excel file for like 5 hours, and click save , but it did not saved at all . I clicked save like 10 times during 5 hours. This has wasted my 5 hours works… and I finally realised my vault has log off automatically and then I tried to login again and click save in my excel file but it did not save at all… I need to copy my work outside the vault in order to save. What a waste of time!!

Sorry you learned this the hard way.

  1. Applications do not read or write directly to the vault.

  2. You have to use the vault’s encryption software to read or write to the vault.

  3. When creating long time consuming files SAVE them periodically outside the vault.  That way should something happen to the system or environment you don’t loose all your work.  Every half hr or so save your work.  And you can save it to the flash drive, just not directly into the vault.

Ed… I have a Cruzer Facet 8GB for my laptop, I used it for a few months and now I am locked out.



Of the drive or the SecureAccess vault?

BTW Posting an email address is a sure way to receive a lot of SPAM mail.

If this is in secure access, this tutorial should be able to help you out.