SanDisk USB Flash Drive not showing in Laptop OR Phone

Hi There,
I Purchased SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 32gb in 2019
It was working fine but now it is not showing any signs of life
I have tried to plug in my laptop Dell 3593 and my phone Galaxy J7 pro
But it doesn’t show disk or format problem

In Windows do you see a drive letter for the drive? If so open a Command Prompt as Admin and run a chkdsk /f for the drive. Something like: chkdsk /f e:

If you don’t see a drive letter you can try this :

diskpart * Run Command Prompt with Admin Rights.
list disk

select disk 1 * Note: disk nbr is the nbr of the USB disk
clean * This DELETES Everything on the disk
create partition primary

Then format the USB drive as exFAT.