SanDisk SSD Plus Maintenance

Hi all,Now I haven’t had an SSD in like 4 years and I was wondering if there is anything I need to do to keep it maintained?

4 years ago I was on Windows 7 running 2 64gb. SSD’s in RAID0.And I remember disabling a lot of stuff…

Now I have the SanDisk SSD Plus 240gb. on my laptop running Windows 10,Is there anything I need to do?

Or am I all good?


in that case where you are using windows 10 with the drive everything should be enabled automatically. only thing that you could check is that the drive is installed in the bios with the achi mode to ensure that the trim function will work normally. 

another option for you would be to install the ssd dashboard software to monitor the status of the drive.

you can download it from this link

Thank you for your reply.

And I do infact have SSD Dashboard installed.

But,My OS is installed under UEFI on my HP 2000-2C29WM.I installed Windows 10 this way.I was reading the OS boot quicker in UEFI Mode.

So ACHI is not an option.

UEFI replaced the BIOS, AHCI is a SATA mode. These two things are not mutually exclusive. AHCI should be an option for SATA mode as long as MB supports AHCI which if the MB has UFEI, AHCI is also likely supported. 

The BIOS that are on this MB doesn’t have any SATA or AHCI settings,Pretty much everything preset by HP.