Sandisk: Please produce a new Fuze with the wheel again!

The Fuze + looks good, but it not good in terms of handling. I think many will agree that the wheel was much better.

And it’s getting more and more difficult to find the old models for normal prices.

Please help us!

thank you.

I hear ya’ bro’.

I’d love a replacement for my Fuze or long-lost View. Faster processor, 32GB internal + sdhc, tactile buttons. The wheel did work great, didn’t it.

My Fuze+ does suck in so many ways, it can never be redeemed (even with Rockbox).

Considering how old the Fuze+ is, I’m guessing Sandisk probably doesn’t care about selling MP3 players anymore. Perhaps if they did, they would have released more firmware updates for the Fuze+.

My guess is that they’ve moved most of their resources into Solid State Drives, since that’ where the money is right now. It’s sad, since meanwhile there are many people here uttering things like “I’ll never buy another product from Sandisk”, thus ruining their reputation.

After having used the thumbwheel Fuze myself, there’s a reason why, when it died, I wanted another Sandisk product. There players used to be quite good.