sandisk mp sports clip

i am original custoner of the first mp player you made which came with a pre downloaded sd card. it was great and i still have it.

i consider myself computer savy and have a imac pc which was not helping me export music to your device.You new sports clip is a victim of the apple times. my first complaint is that your radio did not work and i spent $60.00 on a bluetooth head set for nothing and finally i have tried over a week trying to export music to the sports clip with no luck. I can go on and on , forever with my efforts. Please discontinue this product. its going to destroy your reputation. Good news, your sd card which i bought as well, works nicely and could possibly save for future use. $$$ lesson learned as i just put the sports clip in the garbage with dissappointment.



the radio will not work if you are using bluetooth headphones only. it needs the wired headphones as they act as the antenna for better reception. You can plug wired headphones in to it to use as an antenna and still use bluetooth headphones to listen to the music but the wired headphones have to be plugged in for better reception. 

Not sure what issues you are having copying music to the device. it is a simple MSC device so you can drag and droip music to it like you would any other USB drive, external drive, or memory card. If you can use those things this should not be a problem for you to use.