SanDisk Extreme 256GB - 0 Spare Blocks Remaining in CrystalDisk


I’ve bought a SanDisk Extreme 256GB USB stick from ebay and checked it with CrystalDisk:

Can someone confirm that the report means that I need it to return it as defective, as I don’t really understand the results but 100% Bad doesn’t feel good.

As well as the “E8 Spare Blocks Remaining” = 0, if I hover over the “Bad 100%” in Health Status it also mentions that “E6 Percent of Total Write/Erase Count” - 100 is bad as well (even though it’s not highlighted in red in the list itself.

All advice gratefully received.


Hi @RedFox22,

Please contact the respective SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

The new version of Crystal Disk Info does not show this error. Also the drive is good as mine also showed this error but Sandisk Tech Support says to ignore this problem as it is not a real error on a USB Flash drive.

Doesn’t add up, D: is connected to sata, not usb. Perhaps your pen drive is H: which shows as good.

Your D: is definitely dead though.

Would be reluctant to buy pen drives off ebay unless from a reputable seller, run flashcheck to ensure capacity is not faked. Pen drives do not have smart data anyways.