Sandisk Doesn't Have Garbage Collection? Seriously?


I would like to re-address my concern:

I have a SSD Plus which I use it as my external SSD. I will always perform manual TRIM from Windows since my enclosure’s controller supports TRIM function to SSD. However, due to only short period of time for the USB to be plugged in for data transfer, I am afraid that the SSD hardly gets any chance of performing a good garbage collection job. Therefore, I would like to know any steps to trigger the garbage collection function in Sandisk SSD. Some sources suggest that plugging in the USB on BIOS will trigger the garbage collection function when the drive is idle for some time. Is that true? Otherwise how I do get it work? Thank You.

Hi Yongsua 

This product is not designed for external use, and we never tested for this application, we do have external SSD products available that you can chose 

For your question, the garbage collection mechanism should kick in when you keep the drive idle but powered on in a few minutes