SanDisk Cruzer Glide 256 GB Write Protected

I’m not in a great mood as I spent $40 on this thing just for it to have a stroke not even a month after I bought the thing. I have two other Cruzer Glides, another 256 GB one (which has lasted me since November of last year), and a 16 GB one (which has lasted me for the last 4 years). I don’t know if I bought a faulty product or not, but this thing should’ve lasted me far longer than what it did considering how much I paid for it. I’ve tried using every possible solution so I could use it again, Diskpart, the Windows Registry, and even 3rd party formatting software, and none have given me any hope. This has really disappointed me as I’ve had nothing but great experiences with SanDisk products up to this point.

It happens. Possible causes: counterfeit drive, low voltage, high voltage, dirty contacts, power surge, heat. The good news is any files you have on it aren’t lost.

Return it, either to the place you bought it or to SanDisk for a replacement.