Sandisk clip sport fw_1.29 and SDXC


SDXC can work in this player? Or only SDHC?

One concern could be the Clip Sport is not designed to take advantage of the new high capacity SDSX cards.

For MUSIC MODE, there is a limit of 2000 music files in the external SD card (and in the internal memory). I thnk some users have reported satisfactory use of 32 GB SDHC cards for playing Flac files.  .

Only SDHC.

Ok! Thank you!

I’m just wondering:  while I know that the Sport specs refer to a microSDHC card for the player, has anyone actually tried using a microSDXC card, to see if it will work?  The only reason I ask is, earlier slotted Clip players likewise refer to a microSDHC card, but a microSDXC card will work as well.  (This could be a result of the time, with the microSDXC format not yet being available–I don’t recall the timing.)  I admit to not having tried using a microSDXC card in a Sport here myself, not having an extra available and handy right now.

SDHC and SDXC are the same thing at the electrical level, so yes it will work.

The difference is just the default file system.  So if you reformat an SDXC card it becomes an SDHC card.  You’ll still have the database limitations though, so it probably won’t make much sense to put a 128GB card in the Sport.  

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Thanks for the explanation–interesting to know the difference (and lack thereof).   

I don’t know why the original poster was inquiring about microSDXC capability with the Sport, given the Sport’s database limitation–perhaps an extra microSDXC card around?  Or perhaps a lack of interest with the database functioning, with an intent to use folder navigation instead. 

Sandisk players often have issues with cards faster than class 4. I have not seen a microSDXC card that is class 4 or slower.