SanDisk Clip Jam™ MP3 Player

Put the fun back in music on-the-go

Clip on the compact and colorful Clip Jam™ digital music player and take it anywhere! The bright one-inch screen and big navigation buttons make it easy to drag, drop and play files in popular audio formats including AAC. Add even more music via the microSD™ card slot** for up to 18 hours** of big sound.

  • Super-lightweight, wearable personal music player
  • Deep, rich sound quality
  • 8GB** internal storage, with a microSD™ card slot**
  • Big, bright readable screen and large navigation buttons
  • Up to 18 hour battery life**
  • Available in a rainbow of neon bright colors


Carry all your music with you

Ample capacity meets deep, rich sound in the lightweight Clip Jam™ player. This ultra-small wearable music player offers 8GB**storage, and comes with a built-in microSD™ card slot1 so you can add even more songs or audiobooks.

Play audio files in many popular formats

You’re free to play your whole music collection on your Clip Jam™ player. Simply drag, drop and play the tunes you want to hear—whether they’re MP3, WMA (no DRM), AAC (DRM-free iTunes), and Audible (DRM only). The Clip Jam™ player is your own personal DJ.

Easy-to-click buttons and a bright screen

The Clip Jam™ player comes with user-friendly navigation. The one-inch screen is bright and easy to see and the buttons are big enough for all sizes of fingers to use with confidence. The result is, you always know where you are and what you’re hearing.

It’s all about the sound

Bottom line, a music player you wear as often as your favorite sneakers has got to sound great. The Clip Jam™ player does. It delivers sound so rich and deep you’ll wonder how it can be so small or so affordable.

Big battery, bright colors, and FM radio

Your Clip Jam™ player will keep playing for up to 18 hours** on a single battery charge. It comes in such great colors you may have trouble choosing just one and includes a built-in FM radio tuner and comfortable earphones.


  • Supports MP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV and Audible (DRM only)
  • 8GB** capacities
  • 0.96" White OLED (128x64 pixels)
  • Up to 18 hour battery life**
  • FM Tuner
  • Micro USB 2.0 connection
  • 2-year limited warranty**
  • microSDHC™ memory card slot**

I’ve posted this information on Amazon.  I am repeating it here in the hope of getting corrections.  Thanks in advance.

This post is to help people who are used to the Sansa Clip+ get used to the new Sansa Clip Jam if they need a new player. I had to give up using my Clip+ because the contact with an inserted earphone plug became dicey and I had sound dropouts. This seems to happen after a few years of pulling in and out such plugs on a daily basis. That is because I use the player in my car, with different earphones and at my computer. I doubt there is a way that such a problem can be easily fixed.

So I sprung for a new Clip Jam and after using it for a week or so, here is what I have figured out.

  1. The manual you can download from the Sansa website is misleading at best and useless at worst.
  2. To power off/on you press the big button in the center, where the old select button was. You better pause before you power off and press resume after powering on.
  3. There is a new back button that when clicked takes you to the preceding menu. Holding it for a couple of seconds locks/unlocks the other controls which is convenient to prevent accidental activation.
  4. Your album and title tags will appear truncated on the display so you should make sure that different books differ in the first 10 characters of the Album tag, but I think tags work pretty much as on the Clip+ . Playing order is determined by the Track tags which need to be justified with leading zeros.
  5. After playing the final track of a book, the Jam starts playing the first.
  6. The following is on page 23 or the manual: “Quick Tips: to ensure files sorter (sic) correctly, file should not exceed 16 characters long or use ID3 tags.” This makes no sense since Sansa players use tags, not file names. Also, I did not delete my ID3 tags and the tracks in my books still play in order.
  7. If you use a car or wall charger you will need one with a mini sized USB terminal. The female USB on the Clip+ is the larger sized one which seems to be obsolete now.
  8. After charging your Clip Jam on your PC and letting the media refresh, you are sent to the Books display. Then you must manually navigate to the audiobook and track you were at. Once you are back at the track, it will give you the option of resuming play at the point you were at or starting from the track’s beginning.
  9. There is a 500 limit on the number of tracks that will be displayed. I was playing a book with 87 tracks but it showed only 33 tracks and went back to track 1 after it finished track 33. I had to delete another book so I could get all 87 tracks. I understand if you use an external memory chip you have an additional 500 track allotment.

By the way, after getting used to the differences, I am happy. The sound is good and I paid the same as I did for the Clip+ when the latter was new, and got 8G storage versus 4G for the Clip+.


Thank you for the information. I did not know that the 500 track limitation for audiobooks was displayed. If you put some of the audiobooks in the podcast folder, too. These tracks are also usable without deleting any other files I think.

It says online clip jam supports a 32gb micro sdhc memory card but 8 gb recommended…will 32 full gigs affect the music?

I think the Clip Jam and the Clip Sport share the same 2000 audio file limitations for the internal and external databases.

I think these database limitations are acceptable for the internal 8 gb memory and for 16 gb micro SD cards.

If you exceed 2000 audio files on your 32 gb micro SD card, it is likely the excess audio files will not be displayed in the Music, Audiobook and Podcast listings.

     In this scenario, you could still use Folder Mode or Playlist Mode to select and play subfolders of your audio files.

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