SanDisk Clip is unresponsive

I purchased a SanDisk Clip on December 22, 2007.  It is unresponsive.  Not frozen but it doesnt turn on at all.  I have connected it to the computer.  I have tried reseting it to no avail.  Anyone can help me out.

Have you followed all the steps in the quick-start and full manuals?

Is the hold switch off hold?

Have you fully charged the player?

Was your computer on when you charged the player (some computers need to be on to allow the USB port to charge)?

I charged it prior to usage.  It worked just fine.  The hold feature isnt on.  But it is completely shut down.

And so it worked at one point and then stopped?  Any chance a wrong power adapter was hooked up to it?  (Sorry to ask all the obvious questions, but these things do happen.)

If all the obvious don’t apply, it could just be defective, and it could be easiest to just exchange it al the local store (if that’s easy for you).