SanDisk 64 GB Cruer Blade copy and size issue


Please help me out.

I bought some “SanDisk 64 GB Cruer Blade” flash drives. 

I am having some strange issue. 

when I copy some data on drive, I can see its copied, as If I check the properties of flash drive, it will show the Total capacity, Used and Remaining size, but the problem is when i open the drive and check the properties of the data itself it will not be having same size what is consumed, and even by checking folders , data is missing. It happens all the time. 

Formatted the flash drive as:

File System: eFat

Allocation Unit Size: Default Allocations Size

Format: Quick / Full Format

But issue remains same. Even after copying the data if i move the flash drive to another computer, its not showing data even sometimes.

Please help me on this issue. If somebody can forward my issue to SanDisk Technical support, I will be very much thankful.





i am not sure if i can understand your issue correct so can you please specify what the exact issue is?

as far as i understand you cannot copy files to the flash drive. Did you try the flash drive on another computer? is it working normally there?

also here its an open user forum so if you wish to have an official answer i would suggest contacting sandisk directly:

Could it be possible that it’s somehow encrypted? That’s the only guess I can take.