SanDisk 32gb Extreme CF card not recognized by Mac

Hello everyone

I am about to jump out the window. I recorded a full day of dialogue on a commercial yesterday on a Sound Devices 788T (portable recorder) and my Mac Late 2011 - Yosemite won’t recognize the SanDisk CF card, nor will it on my old Lenovo ThinkPad from 2008.

I have bought an All-In-One Silicon Power USB 3.0 Card reader today for this purpose. We have recorded three days - and the card seemed to work fine when importing directly from the CF card through the SD788T and a normal USB cable - but now, it won’t even acknowledge the card through the card reader in Disk Utility, although my SD card works fine through the reader.

Is my CF card corrupt or am I missing something here? Do I need to get my hands on another rented SD 788T or do I maybe need a USB 2.0 card reader instead? I tried updating the firmware:

But the app stated that ‘no card reader was found’.

My hope is that im a fool and you will all laugh at my stupidity to tell me something obvious. Please. Help me.