rockbox info

To put it simply how will it affect my fuze and what is rockbox. I know this sounds dumb but i realy want to know.

It’s an open-source, third-party firmware that runs on a variety of players from many different manufacturers. But the Fuze isn’t one of them (yet), so it currently won’t affect your Fuze at all.

If you look back in the several pages of this forum, you should get plenty of info on rockbox. Well, unless if the last couple of threads in the pages of our are the EXACT same thing, but still, you should consider looking back at those threads.

95 results from using the Search function typing ‘What is Rockbox’.

gwk1967 is right. You don’t have to worry about it since it won’t work on your Fuze.

But . . . if you want to read up a bit on it before-hand, by all means go to the rockbox site itself. There you’ll find tons of info on it, including the manual. It’s a quick read; only 169 pages (at last count).

Or you could avail yourself of the Search function here and type ‘What is Rockbox’ into the Search box as I just did.

You’ll be rewarded with 95 results.