replacement clip for Sansa Clip - mission impossible?

Yes, I am aware I am hunting for a treasure from last decade…  

Any ideas?

For now I am watching out on eBay.

After two years of enjoying my Sansa while working, walking, runing… I grazed a door and the back clip came off… with the metal spindle dislocated.

And no surprise, near it’s impossible to find a replacement.

Sansa are even offering a free replacement, if in warranty (cough),

I don’t even have the sticker on the back clip, let alone a valid warranty…

PS: Yeah, if I had a spare £20 I wouldn’t be spending time on forums and simply upgrade :slight_smile:

Keep your eye open for now-dead Clips that can be used for spare parts.  You also might want to post in the Classifieds at the forum and/or the Clip thread.

Or check out some of the alternate ‘mod’ threads for the Clip+ over on ABI where people have used other clipping mechanisms when theirs have broken. :wink:

where can i get a replacement clip?

Did you read the responses in this thread? :confounded: