Renaming Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0

I have 6 of your Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0’s of mostly 128Gb size, loaded with various movies, and other entertainment, that I use on my 65" LG smart TV. They are loaded into a USB 3.0 Hub and plugged into the TV. When I bring them up on the menu, to pick out which show to watch, it is very difficult when they all have the same name (ULTRA). Now granted it’s just my TV, and if I want to change one out I have no way of knowing which one to eject. Furthermore, if I pull out a disk and it is not the same one I ejected it really screws things up. As it is I have to eject all of them and then I can safely pull the correct drive out. This is a royal pain in my butt, and should not be difficult to rename but, for some reason, you made it that way. PLEASE HELP

If you plug a USB drive into Windows and open Windows’ File Explorer do you see the drive Ultra in the left column? If so move the mouse pointer to the name and push the right mouse button. In the tab window that opens scroll down to the Rename option.

After you’ve renamed a drive connect it to the TV, does the new name show on the TV’s set up?

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