Recording a lecture with a 1GB Sansa Clip


I bought the 1GB Sansa Clip primarily to record lectures. Some of them are quite lengthy. I have a few questions. If you only know the answer to one of them, please don’t hesitate to answer. I’m sure all of them will be answered eventually.

  1. Is there a way to increase the speed with which you can fast forward?

  2. So far I have not found a way to HEAR what I am fast forwarding through. I just keep an eye on the time meter and just guess where I am in the lecture when I want to replay something. Is there a way to enable sound when fast forwarding through a recording?

  3. How long will a 100% charged battery last if the Clip is just turned on to “record” and left to sit. Something (instict) tells me it won’t be 15 hours.

  4. Will a fully charged Clip battery last long enough to exhaust the entire memory of 949MB in record mode (ie. NOTHING in the memory but system stuff) or will the battery die before the memory is exhausted?

  5. A better way to ask the above question may be "Does anyone have an estimate of how long a fully charged battery will last in record mode and how much memory will be used before it dies?

  6. If a fully charged Clip battery will last long enough to exhaust an entire 1GB memory, how much extra recording time will be gained by using a 2GB clip before the battery dies?

Sorry to ask such goofy questions. That last one sounds like one of those, “If a train leaves New York at a speed of 80 MPF carrying 110 passengers…”.

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To your questions: No clue. But it would probably just be wise to try some of those things out yourself (the ones that you can :wink: ).

@pyrazol wrote:



To your questions: No clue. But it would probably just be wise to try some of those things out yourself (the ones that you can :wink: ).


I was hoping someone else had done some of these tests before me so I could avoid deleting and/or transferring the stuff I already have in the memory in order to free up all the memory.

But that’s what I’ll have to do if no one responds. Once the tests are done I will report back here to save someone else the hassle.

And thanks for hitting that spammer. I was glad when I saw someone had responded but then I ended up suffering some rather severe SIL (Spammer Induced Letdown). But I’m OK now.

Here are the numbers:

First, I cleared the memory as much as I could and ended up with 903MB free memory.

I recorded exactly 4 hours worth of classical music.

4 hours recording used 663MB of free memory (leaving 240MB free ).

This averages out to 165.75MB of memory used per hour  in record mode.

The battery meter indicated this used 15% of the battery charge. I suspect the percentage was going to decrease shortly thereafter. If it dropped to 75% in the next few minutes or so, this would put the fully charged battery life right at (or a little better than) factory specs.

I realize this is probably some pretty useless information but I wanted to know… and now I do. And so do you, for that matter.

 Man, my neck really hurts from just sitting there staring at the MP3 player for four hours! (Not really).

If you have a 2GB clip, I suppose you could just double the pertinent numbers.

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Typically when recording, for most digital recorders they use battery power around twice as rapidly as when playing through headphones. The 6 hours recording time per gig of storage is what I have calculated for my Fuze. I was thinking that it would probably be the same for the Clip. If you find that your one gig Clip is not adequate for the type of recording you want to do, then imo rather than getting a 2 gig Clip, you should get a 4 gig Sandisk Fuze. The Fuze is said to have a more sensitive mic than the Clip(especially with the newer Fuze firmware). I don’t have a Clip so I can’t verify this. The Fuze does a decent job of recoding if the player is within 3 to 4 feet of the speaker(ie on the speaker’s desk or podium). The 4 gig Fuze is just slightly more expensive than a 2 gig Clip(perhaps just around $20 more on Amazon). The Fuze also has a micro SDHC slot, so you could put your music on a card, and leave the entire 4 gig internal memory for recordings, or else you could get an 8 gig Fuze. The Fuze has battery life listed as 24 hours vs 15 hours for the Clip.