real player will not recognise my sansa Fuze


Real player states it has an error message when i plug in my sansa fuze and shuts down - it has only just started to do this after working ok for months. The realplayer version is the basic one. the sansa sofware version is V02.03.31A.

has anyone any ideas what is wrong and do you get realplayer to search for a device?.

All my files appear ok in Windows explorer,

Thank you in anticiaption


First try switching USB Mode under Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. There are only two, MSC or MTP–don’t use Auto–and see if changing it works.

If not, put it back to what it was and, with Realplayer off, connect it to your computer. Go to Device Manager (it’s Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager in XP, different in Vista or Win7–check Help) and see if there’s any yellow triangle with exclamation point, and uninstall that and reboot, then connect again. Or look through your USB connections in Device Manager and see if you can figure out which is the Fuze and uninstall it. When you connect, it should reinstall the driver, which may have been corrupted.