Questions regarding converted file sizes

I have a question, apologies if its been covered before, I have had a bit of a hunt around and could not see much.

I am converting DVDs to watch on an E250.
I get the movie down to around 200Mb ok.

When I convert the file using media converter it splits the file (which is fine by me) but the overall size of all the movie files is much larger than the original file I created. Infact each split file is around the size of the original file.

Does anyone know enough about the conversion process so that I can keep the movie file(s) total to similar to my original size.


v1 or v2 (if you see ‘Sansa’ in blue when it turns on its a v2)?

The eSeries only supports old-school video format. That video format is on the ginormous end of the size spectrum.

If you have a v1 you can play around with Rockbox and different Mpeg formats, or remember you bought a cheap MP3 player. :slight_smile:

I think its version 1, the logo background is black on start up and under info the version is 01.02.20P Thanks