Promised Planet and everyone, Thank you!

Thanks for the information provided to unlock the wifi on the white boxed Sansa Connect.  What a really nice device this is!  I’ve tried connecting to 4 different stations and so far, everyone has connected with no problems at all.  The stream is smooth and uninterrupted.  The sound quality is fantastic.  I was a bit skeptical with the $24 price I paid (with free shipping) online and I wasn’t expecting much when it arrived.  So far, this is the best $25 bucks I’ve ever spent!  If you have Sansa Connect and are unsure if you want to add the WIFI feature…just DO IT!  You won’t be disappointed.  Thanks again, Promised Planet and everyone who contributes positive things on this board.

Credit goes to “Larlos” for providing the firmware images and the command lines for installing them.