Problems with songs

I download most of my music from Rhapsody onto my Sansa Fuze and I have a couple of questions:

1)  I was required to connect to Rhapsody yesterday to sync my music - my player now has duplicates of the same tracks - why did this happen and how should I fix / prevent from happening again?

2)  The other day I was putting a cover over my player, one of the plastic skins, not sure if I accidentally pressed something but when I went to play my songs, they were all completely different versions of the songs - for example instrumental versions instead of singing versions - I switched off my player and turned it back on and it was fine - how did this happen or is my device haunted :frowning:

Any help with this would be appreciated.


You have discovered an interesting property of monaural versus stereo recording.  Those “instrumental” tracks you hear are caused by the headphone jack not being fully inserted.  The new plastic shell is keeping the plug from seating properly in the Fuze’s jack.  If the ground connection is lost, you’ll hear the “difference” between channels; since most vocals are actually monaural, they will not be heard.

The hole in the plastic cover needs to be enlarged slightly, so your headphone plug can be inserted properly.  Remember, don’t modify anything on the Fuze itself!  Only the accessory cover.  Take your time with this task, so nothing is scratched, or cracked.  Use a rat-tail file (small ones are inexpensive) or a fresh X-acto blade to enlarge the hole in the cover.  Take your time!

Be SURE to make modifications while the Fuze is removed from this cover.