Problems with new firmware

New firmware called my podcasts books and mixed books and podcasts together.  Podcast section gone. Also cannot lock player.  Firmware has screwed my player. Need help please, I have a sanDisk Sanasa Fuse + MP3 Player and latest firm ware (today).  Thanks in advance.

Hehe.  The new LOCK function is redirected to the POWER button on the top of the device.  To lock / unlock, press the top button for one-half second.  It’s much better than the “slider” method you are used to.

Podcasts are still there, just under Books now.  There are THREE options under books: Audible / Audiobooks / Podcasts with the latest firmware.

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Thanks for the info.  How do I sepperate into the  options under books: Audible / Audiobooks / Podcasts?

Thanks for your reply

The first time you navigate to Books, it’s confusing, but have a look at the three wee dots at the bottom of the screen after tapping the center spot.  This reveals that there are three screens availavle via swiping right or left on the touch screen.

To navigate between the choices, select Books with a single center tap, then sweep right or left to go between Audible / Audiobooks / Podcasts.

Do you like the new LOCK function?

I just made the connection, your name reminds me of Benjamin Vandervoort, played by John Wayne no less, in The Longest Day.  He served with distinction in St. Mere Eglise.

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Love the new lock.  Wish they would allow a aster scan through podcasts though, I was used to my blue ring which worked like a charm.  Thanks again for your reply

My favorite method of sweeping through a book or podcast is the scan through song function on the e200 Sansa.  Roll that blue wheel, and find your place in seconds.

For the Fuze+, I’d like a sweep-through-track as it’s implemented currently in video playback , with the FF / REW function accessible via a tap / press at the edges, but a continuous sweep rolls forward or back.

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Agreed.  Thanks for your help :smiley:

my sansa express is turning off after building database  it also is showing the battery indicator  on the left side while building database. i tried recovering and manually updating the firmware but it is of no use could anyone please help me