problems turning on the device

Hello All,

after keeping the device turned off for longer than 5 minutes, the next time i want to turn it on i need to press the on/off button maybe 15 seconds or more to turn it on !

do you know why is that happenning ? 

thanks for the help 


Some sort of glitch . . . .  I wonder:  you might try manually reapplying the firmware (see the firmware thread at the top of this forum)–easy enough to do, and could fix this.

hey :) 

thanks for the respond , because of this problem i’ve just upgraded to 1.17

nothing changed … 

It sounds like your tags might be messed up. The Sandisk players like ID3V2.3 ISO8859-1 tags for the mp3 files. All other mp3 tags should be removed. 

You can use the free program MP3Tag to easily correct the tags. 

Are you using a memory card? If so, is it faster than class 4? The Sandisk players don’t like cards faster than class 4.

really? im using a 64GB SDXC transcend class 10 with no issues.

whats suppose to happen on >4 class cards?

Sometimes with cards faster than class 4 there are glitches that have no other explaination. If your class 10 card works okay with the Sport then consider yourself lucky. If you do have some glitches though, at least now you will know a likely source of them.

hey :slight_smile: thnx for the respond , no i’m not using an extra SD card and i’ll try the tags software :slight_smile: thank you