Problem with M230

I have had my M230 for about 2 years now and one day last week I tried adding some music to it. There was no problem with adding music to it but when I removed the device from my system I didn’t remove it from my USB port right away. I took it out and tried to use it an hour later and saw that it still had the USB connection screen on. I tried powering down the device but it would not. I had to remove the battery from it to get it to power down. I then replaced the battery with a fresh one and tried powering it on again and all that came up was the USB connection screen and it would not play music and I couldn’t power it down without removing the batery. Eventually with some fiddling I got it to work but when it starts up I don’t get the sansa start up screen but the USB connection screen and after that it will either go back to the song I last listened to or won’t work at all and I need to remove the battery to power it down. I tried installing the new firmware for my device (ver. 1.3.0 A) but now it goes to the Sansa initializing screen, then the USB connection screen and then it powers down. Has anyone else had this problem? I really like this player and I hope it hasn’t given up the ghost yet.

Try formatting the player. 

Will it come on at all? Like when you hook it up to the PC will it stay on?  If so try formatting it through “My Computer”  and Windows Media Player too.

Let me know if this helps…