What is the easiest way to save audio podcasts so you can retrieve them without going through all the other mp3s?

place in folder “Podcast” or set the Genre tag to  “Podcast” and it will show up in the podcast node seperate from the song’s list.

I use Juice, which grabs the audio from RSS/ATOM feeds and drops the files into a folder, then I cut/paste them into the PODCAST folder on the Fuze.

As I listen to each file, I use the Delete function to remove it. 

Where are you finding your podcasts?


Use Mediafly SyncClient – free and syncs with most sansas…

What is a podcast?

Podcast is kind of like internet radio, but it’s more closely resembles audio blog, since they are pre-recorded before offered to users, instead of listened to at realtime or streamed.  Topics and subjects range, as if you were to browse through XM radio.  formats you can download them are any audio format, most popularly mp3, and ogg, sometimes wma.  I haven’t seen other formats but I’m sure they exist as podcasts as well.

A Podcast is essentialy an on-demand show. It could be NBC Today Show or Joe down the street. Either way, it is a series of episodes. The “show” is often called a “feed”.

Here is a more in depth description: What is a podcast and why should I care?

The best way to learn about podcasting is to do it. It’s free and easy. Here is how you can get started.

  1. Mediafly.com

  2. PodcastAlley.com

  3. PodcastPickle.com