Please help me fix my corrupted Flash Drive. Tried almost everything i could find online.

I have  a " SanDisk 32GB Ultra Dual USB OTG Flash Drive". It suddenly stopped working when my laptop wasn’t responding due to some errors and I removed the flash drive without “safely removal”. I don’t need to keep what’s inside it. I just don’t want to throw it because I just purchased it weeks ago.

I can detect the drive on File Explorer and Device Manager BUT I can’t open it nor right click on it or access its properties. Thus, I can’t format it. If I try to right click on it, Windows hangs and stops responding. Once I remove the drive, everything starts working again.

I also tried repairing or formatting through cmd but it also didn’t work. chkdsk, diskpart, and all others doesn’t load or work. 

I also t ried opening disk management. It also doesn’t load with the drive inserted.  

I have a 64-bit Windows 10 HP Probook 4540s Laptop.

Please if you can suggest other solutions. I would really appreciate it.


in that case the drive seems to be defective and needs to be replaced

here you can find the link to request a replacement for it:

I have the same situation. Really really the same. ???

If your situation is the same you have two options:

Return it to where you bought it.

Return it to SanDisk using the link posted above your posting.