Player won't work

I bought a 8 gig fuze plus back in febuary as my old mp3 died on me. 

Its worked alright since then. I used it all last night fell asleep to it. and then charged it in the morning.

Here comes the problem

After disconnecting the player it froze, so i did what i usually do and reset it by holding the power button, tossed it back on my bed and went to brush my teeth before work.

So grabbed my player and head out the door…only to find that the stupid thing won’t load at all black screen, natta thing.

By break at work… i tried it again only to have it go to the logo and then shut off, logo shut off, sometimes i would get to loading page but it take to long and then shut off again. and so forth.

When i get home i tried to hook it up to my computer, nothing, tried my wall charger nothing will turn this thing on and keep it on. I tried resetting it dozen of times, tried holding the volume down trick, nothing is working.

The thing is my baby, but i admit its hit the floor a few times by accident but i did nothing to it for a random change for it just to stop working.

Not sure what to do now…

Send it for RMA if nothing else is working.

what the heck is a RMA?  lol

@ceslestrial wrote:

what the heck is a RMA?  lol

R eturn M erchandise A uthorization