Over provisioning?

Is there an option in the SSD Dashboard for over provisioning and if not are there plans to add this?


overprovisioning is automated build inside the SSD when its manufactured so there is nothing to worry about that, what you can do to increase the size of the overprovisioning is to leave some unallocated space on the drive so it will be used if the blocks fail later on and these can be used then from the actuall storage of the drive. 

What is the amount overprovisioned?  

Sppcifically I am interested in the 512GB x300 SD7SB7S-512G-1122


i dont really know the exact amount that is left out but i think its 5% for the normal retail drives and  10% of the actuall capacity for the high end drives like the Extreme pro. 

you can contact sandisk for further detailed information about the case through this link