Optimem issue

I use the optimem to free up my phone space, it is working fine for a while then it suddenly stopped. Checked my dual USB and no files were transferred, my most of my phone files pics and music are now gone ???. Warning to all future user/buyer do not use optimem of Sandisk.


your files are not gone and are still inside the card/phone where you had them previously since optimem does not automatically delete the files.

in order to find the files you will need to connect your phone to the computer and check the folders from the android to find the ‘‘missing’’ pics and files. 


I need to add to this, I ran the Optimem to backup all my media files, and upon looking they have been deleted from my phone, and hasn’t backed up all media files…Pictures I took yesterday disappeared! Gone! not showing anywhere how do I get them back? I only bought USB 3.0 dual ultra 64gb on saturday

I need your help to recover files