not to computer savvy

hi all, my problem is my computer, windows xp, wont see my sansa, i mean when i plug it in to the usb the computer makes a little sound, bloop or something, and the sansa will show up in the device manager for a second then it,ll disappear.

i can never see it at all in " my computer "

the battery is dead and it wont even charge, probly cause the computer wont see it or load some sort of driver for it.

my friend gave it to me for my bday, it had music on it when i got it, so ive never had it hooked to my computer.

i read some post here but cant seam to figure out the problem.

thanks for any help.

cheers …

Your USB sounds like it is not providing enough power for the device to operate properly.  Try plugging the device into the back USB port near the power supply.  You can also try a powered USB hub. 

There are also USB chargers available without using the computer…LINK.

i installed the rapsodey best buy junk that came with it, bingo,

thanks for the reply tho.