Not enough space for music DB. Free 30 mb

When I turn it on, it gives this statement and then cuts off.  I have tried resetting many times.  When I connect it to the computer, it isnt recognized through SanDisk/Sansa.  When I go to find it on the computer, it comes up as an E drive and after erasing all the empty folders, it frees up no space.  I do not have a mac to reformat on.  Should I just go buy an ipod?  Thanks for any help.


No, you don’t have to buy an iPoop. This error is often caused by a corrupted file or FAT (File Allocation Table, the index of all files and folders), which makes the player think there’s no free space left.

Since you say the player shows up as “E:”, this means it’s connecting in MSC mode, which is good (If it were connecting in MTP mode instead, we would have to force an MSC connection). Hook the player up to the PC, open Windows Explorer/My Computer and right-click on the E: drive and select “Properties”. Click on the Tools tab and select the error-checking option. Make sure “Automatically fix errors…” is checked, then click Start. When it’s done, use the “Safely Remove Hardware” wizard to eject the Clip. Now, (hopefully) it will be working normally again.

Thanks for the help.  I did this and it said no errors found.  I disconnected as recommended and as soon as it disconnected, same error came up and it shut down.  Any other suggestions?

Format it.

Format it.

SanDisk’s KnowledgeBase article on the subject