Not enough memory for DB music please free 80 mb

Hello trying to startup Sansa e280 push start button the only thing I get is “not enough memory for music DB free up 80 mb”

When I try to connect to the computer Windows 7 get message “not recognized,” also get a panel asking if want to reformat. Is there a way to free up memory some how. Some way of overriding the error message?  Thanks. Lexandr

Turn off the Sansa and slide the lock switch towards hold. Hold the center button while connecting it to the PC and it should now be recognized as 16mb-format. Simply create a folder inside 16mb format drive and rename the folder to Sansa.fmt. Note that this will do a force format on the device erasing all files…

Hope it works.

hi, i was wondering if this works the same for sansa clip+. I have the same problem but on this model the hold buton is different, it doesn’t work when the device is closed and beacause of the eror i can’t  make it work. What should i do?

Turn off the Clip+ and hold the center button while connecting it to your computer. It should then be recognized as a MAss storage device allowing you to format it.

It may not be necessary to format the device because of this error!  It’s likely that you may simply have a corrupted FAT (File Allocation Table), or a corrupted file.

Try this solution FIRST, before deleting your music, as it may save you from having to reload your music.