No variable playback for Podcasts

I have enjoyed the Sandisk for it’s podcast support and it is bookmarking of where you left off and adjusting the speed which I use sometimes.

Did update the firmware which did create the file that remembers where you left off on a podcast but it seems the variable speed playback will not be part of this player as bluebooth replace the variable speed item.

For me that is disapponting for this player although can use the other players.  

Anyway will there be any firmware update to add this feature since this was a feature in the original clip sport for playing a podcast at fast speed rather then normal. Espeically since they just added the audible that wasn’t on the original.

I forwarded this request to sandisk support. hopefully they can add this in a future update

The fact that hasn’t been responded to makes me think it won’t be part of any firmware upgrade

Every player since the clip has had this but I guess this player has the same limited chip of the clip sport/jam and some compromises have to be made.

different chip actually. slightly more powerful. Maybe they can add it in a future update.

I really hope so although it wasn’t added in update 2.09 and isn’t a bug but a feature left out. Every player since the original clip has had this feature but maybe having bluetooth meant something else had to be removed and this was it. 

Variable speed playback isn’t very useful unless there is pitch correction. The Clip+ and Clip Zip provide variable speed playback with pitch correction when using these with Rockbox. Rockbox isn’t available for Sandisk’s newer players though. 

The Clip Sport does adjust for the pitch in the fast speech. The Zip and Clip+ didn’t adjust for pitch.

But either way listening to a podcast the fact the pitch is  off in the fast mode which was 20% faster then normal speed  never bothered me when I switched to the fast mode as this was when listening to podcasts. Not music.

And I see that with the recent firmware upgrades this option to adjust playback speed has not been added even though has ben in every Sandidk player with the more recent ones having it adjusted for pitch as well.

This feature has been useful for me and disappointing that not on this player.

Did any of the firmware updates fix this? I actually use this feature as I listen to a few podcast and getting through them faster is a big help.