no restore option

version 3.0.11 on Android 6.0  LG STYLO phone.

Select Backup and Restore.  Window shows Manual, Automatic, and Social Media.  Where is the restore option??

I have a very old MZ backup on Box cloud.  I seem to be able to back up to it … backup completes, but every file shows the same old date.  Not sure it is actually backing up.  

Would like to DELETE that enitre backup … but don’t want to arbitrarily directly delete that folder from Box.  Hope to learn how to properly DELETE a back up.

Thank you in advance for any help.

hello wacojohn

system restore is enabled
If the system restore factors are lacking, it may be due to the fact the system restore application has been became off manually. each time your flip off device restore, all previous points created are deleted. via default, it’s turned on.

to test if everything runs efficaciously with system repair, follow the instructions beneath.

For home windows XP:

click on start > manipulate Panel
click on machine
go to system repair tab
home windows XP gadget repair tab
windows XP gadget restore tab

make certain the turn off gadget repair on all drives is unchecked
For windows Vista:

click on begin > applications > accessories > machine equipment
click on system repair
click on gadget protection
From to be had Disks, make sure all disks are checked. on every occasion you check a pressure checkbox, system repair might be enabled for that disk.
For windows 7:

click start > manage Panel
click system
pick machine protection and then visit the gadget protection tab
choose which power you need to test if system restore is enabled (became on or off) and click on Configure
make certain the restore device settings and former versions of documents alternative is checked
For home windows 8:

search for device repair within the seek bar
click on Create a restore point
go to device safety
pick which pressure you need to test and click Configure
make certain the switch on system safety choice is checked in order for system repair to be turned on
For windows 10:

search for gadget restore in the search bar
click Create a repair point
visit device protection
pick which power you need to check and click Configure
make sure the turn on system safety option is checked so as for gadget repair to be turned on



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To restore the Database:-

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and navigate to Databases:
  2. Right-click Databases, and click Restore Database. …
  3. Click Add in the Specify Backup window. …
  4. Click OK; the Specify Backup window displays:
  5. Click OK. …

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