Need To Format 120GB SSD Plus To FAT32

Camera Security System HD/SSD SATA For Recording, ect Requires a FAT32 Format, Support Up To 4TB

Win 8.1 Pro Detecting SanDisk SSD Plus/Properties Format=RAW

Want To Seek Advice 1st Before Proceeding.

The SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB Recently Purchased From Amazon

Hoping SanDisk Might Provide a Utility Program To Solve This.

Thank’s       Sempter-Fi Jeff

Windows limits FAT 32 partitions to 32GB so you will need either a mac or a third party format tool to format drives larger than 32GB as FAT32. SanDisk does not have a utility to do this. There is one I use called HP disk storage format tool. Google search for that and you should find a download link for it. 

Thanks Doc On The Way For The Download.

Hey Jeff, is there any way at all you can use NTFS? (or HFS+ if you have a Mac?) (Or perhaps the vendor of the equipment might know how to swing it?) It sounds like you went out of your way to get quality components, and you might not get your money’s worth with FAT32 given its history of poor reliability/consistency. I’ve had such bad experiences with data loss stemming from the FAT32 scheme that it has biased me here, but it would suck if you needed recorded data from the SSD only to find out the data cannot be retreived. :-/

No Mac Just DOS FAT32 Is Only Recommended For There .api Format & .avi /China Right

Got It Doc

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3.exe

Windows 8.1 Pro Warning Have To Format 1st FAT32 32GB, Then Ran Again The HP USB Disk Format Tool,

Formatted Full 120GB FAT32 No Partitions.

Thanks DOC!

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